Decolonization Work-in-Progress Seminar 2020-21

Photo by Hasan Almasi on Unsplash

This seminar meets three times each semester in a workshop format to discuss a completed or nearly completed article-length manuscript or book/dissertation chapter [8,000-20,000 words], and provide detailed feedback to the author. The seminar is open to PhD students, postdocs and junior faculty at Boston University and beyond, who are working on themes associated with decolonization. Some of the themes that we are enthusiastic about are borders, borderlands, partitions, identities, race, citizenship and political violence, among others.

If you are interested in presenting in AY 2020-21, please send an email to GloDec's Director, Dr. Jayita Sarkar and Co-coordinator of the seminar, Hafsa Arain with (a) working title, (b) preferred semester, and (c) how this work fits with your broader research agenda and with our theme of decolonization. 

Emails: and

FALL 2020

  • Jessica Samuel, Ph.D. candidate, BU American Studies

    • "Economic and Epistemological Violence: 21st Century American Colonialism in the U.S. Virgin Islands"

  • Hafsa Arain, Ph.D. candidate, BU Anthropology

    • Title TBD​

  • *one spot available*


  • Calynn Dowler, Ph.D. candidate, BU Anthropology

    • ​"Settling the fluid frontier: histories of migration and placemaking in the Sundarbans Delta." 

  • Sean Case, Ph.D. candidate, BU American Studies

    • Title TBD​

  • Andrew Bell, Ph.D. in History, BU

    • ​Archaeology, Heritage, and Settler Colonialism at Pajarito Plateau, 1880-1916