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 Students for Decolonization (SDECOL) 

The Students for Decolonization or SDECOL is the independent undergraduate student group approved by Boston University's Student Activities Office (SAO) to facilitate on-campus communication and research on decolonization and related subjects. SDECOL seeks to promote sensitization on subjects of decolonization, partitions, borderlands, refugee crisis, and political violence. Since decolonization impacts a number of global issues, from development economics to climate change agreements, this club reaches out to a broad range of fields and explore the interdisciplinary aspects of decolonization. 

SDECOL partners with Global Decolonization Initiative (GloDec) to host the Decolonization Film Series. GloDec's Director, Dr. Jayita Sarkar, is SDECOL's faculty advisor.


SDECOL is also partnering with the Pardee School's BU Center for the Study of Asia (BUCSA) and the Forced Migration and Human Trafficking Initiative (FMHT) for events and projects on decolonization.


Mugdha Gurram

President, SDECOL

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Mugdha Gurram is a rising senior in the Pardee School of Global Studies studying International Relations with a minor in Philosophy. Outside of SDECOL, she is a peer mentor, secretary for the Diversity in Law Association at BU, and a Communications Fellow at the Global Development Policy Center. After graduating, she plans to pursue a career in law. Coming from India, Mugdha is interested in the way national narratives are shaped by decolonization, and is particularly focused on modern implications of these historical narratives.  She is excited to continue exploring these issues through SDECOL.


Aya Al-Khalifa

Vice-President, SDECOL

Aya Al-Khalifa is a junior in the Pardee School of Global Studies majoring in International Relations. She is interested in sustainability and research in  development. She has participated in a number of sustainability-related, including the Zayed Future Energy Prize (ZFEP), in the High School category; she is planning a career in research, policy, and politics.


Muskaan Khemani


Treasurer, SDECOL

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Muskaan Khemani is a rising junior pursuing a double major in Earth and Environmental Science and International Relations. Besides being the treasurer for SDECOL, she is the founder & president of Art Club, and serving as the Recruitment Officer for Delta Phi Epsilon. Residing in two places - Curacao and India - that still have obvious remnants of colonialism, the issue of decolonization is very important to her. She is particularly interested in the overlap between decolonization and environmental sustainability, and how people reclaim their colonial histories to fight climate change. 

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Khadijah Khogeer

Secretary, SDECOL

Khadijah Khogeer is a senior in the College of Communication double majoring in Advertising and Journalism. At BU, she is currently involved in AdLab and writes for the Daily Free Press blog section. She completed her CAS focus in History and is interested in Middle Eastern and African modern history, particularly post-colonial political instability in these regions. She is from Cairo, Egypt and loves travelling, reading and learning new languages.