Global Decolonization Initiative

Boston University
Pardee School of Global Studies

The Global Decolonization Initiative (GloDec) at the Boston University Pardee School is a research endeavor that brings together undergraduate and graduate students, and faculty across campus to form an intellectual community passionate about understanding the ongoing processes of decolonization through studying borders, borderlands, migration, identities, race, citizenship, and violence. 

GloDec's Affiliated Faculty at Boston University, 2021-22

Robert Hefner, Professor of Anthropology

Timothy Longman, Professor of Political Science

Noora Lori, Assistant Professor of International Relations

Jeremy MenchikAssociate Professor of International Relations

Benjamin Siegel, Associate Professor of History

Michael Woldermariam, Associate Professor of International Relations

GloDec comprises three kinds of programs that relate to student and faculty research. 



The seminar hosts Ph.D. students and postdocs who are conducting innovative research on themes associated with decolonization. The seminar also hosts book talks by first-time authors. See seminar page for more information.


GloDec is pleased to announce its 2021-22 cohort of doctoral fellows, who will workshop sections from their dissertation research on March 15, 2022 in the Decolonization-in-Progress Doctoral Workshop. Their research reflects the 2021-22 theme of territoriality/spatiality.

Hafsa Arain (PhD candidate, BU Anthropology), Boy Cuts: Queer Hair in the Gender-Segregated Parlors of Karachi, Pakistan


Michael Borsk (PhD candidate, Queens University, History), A Measure of Recognition: Surveyors, Indigenous Nations, and Property in the Great Lakes Region


Alyssa Kreikemeier (PhD candidate, BU American Studies), Aerial Enclosures: From Commons to Conflict in the American West

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